Processeur à bois de chauffage automatique

The production of the firewood is, with many regards, a rough sport that requires many skills and risk if the operation is not supported by appropriate equipment. For some, this activity feels reluctant. For other, like me, it acts as a "relief valve" to forget small office daily worries while producing something useful in nature. It is the best activity to do during fall and spring.
However, this activity hides many hazards to the imprudent ones. Practicing this activity as a sport, I thinks that it is really stupid to get injured when doing it. This is the reason why I do not want seriously to get injured again.
In fact, I failed by a little to lose my left hand with the vintage tools we had on my father's farm. This accident forces me to design a unique firewood processor based on safety of the operator as the first criteria.

This machine tant can be fed with a whole tree processes it almost automatically to a ready to use firewood product. The operator job is to winch trees to the machine input, to watch if everything works fine and to remove the firewood logs that are split according to the dimensions required.
As many other things that I have made, I did not begin this project without a thorough thinking on the possible concepts. I have made a market study to make sure that the machine to be design has a change to find customers. I have also made several reseaches to find one machine that would have been already available on the market. I do not like to make something that is not particular. There is a lot of manufacturer of small log splitter and some manufacturer who make huge and very expensive machines. This is the reason why I decided to get the focus in the middle as much as in the format then in the price.
Following this commercial study, I began to work on an totally new and innovative way to split the firewood. In fact, I was searching the way to optimize the reciprocating movement of an hydraulic cylinder and to eliminate the manual task of firewood handling. The result of this brain storming activity has been evaluated by a technical team of university students and they arrived to the conclusion that the principle does not work... I decided to persue in the prototyping anyway to make sure that the shearing approach I had though was really not working. I agree that I did not have a complete success however, these tests had provide sufficient strategic information to be confortable with the finalization of the design and development.
Today, making my firewood with this machine is a pleasant and safe activity. It eliminates almost all hazards.

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