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Ford 8N #263214

Front Bumper for 8N

Firewood Handling System

PTO driven trailer-winch forwarder

Ford 4000 Select-O-Speed

This website is the virtual exposition of my personnal projects.   Almost all pieces shown are unique.   However, they all have a common link:  they were created to be useful for something or for production.
I am working in a particular manner.   In fact, I always have several projects in mind.   This is often when I find a proper object that fits in one of these projects that trigs the chain reaction process of realization.
I do nothing before having a deep thinking of what needs to be done.   First of all, my ideas are simply sketched on a piece of paper.   The process and medias required are thorougly analyzed, filtered and then chosen.   Then come the preparation of the 3d model on computer.   The mechanisms. electric circuits, hydraulic and pneumatic designs and automation requirements are then created. Resistance calculations are realized to make sure everything will last.   Material and parts are chosen. The standardisation of parts are done accordingly to the tools I have in my own shop (it is rare that I have to go elsewhere to machine a requiered part).    The look is evaluated by the virtual pictures provided by the computerized 3D model.   The machining methods and tools required are properly designed and fabricated.   Then comes the realization of the desired product and I do all tasks alone. My philosophy is that it is easy to make things complicated and expensive. However, it is very hard to make the same thing simple, effective and cheap.
If I can find something on the market that fits my requirement, I simply buy it. In the other hand, if I have to realize something new, I always use a strategic plan. I try to find on literatures and Internet if a good is close to my requirement. If not, I try to evaluate the market and a business plan is done accordingly. I always have a target retail price to make sure the commercialisation will be possible if required.
In order to visit this website, you have to clic on links given on the index table located at the right of the screen. By now, only the article 4 has been translated. Other articles will be translated as soon as possible.
The screen back ground comes from an aquarelle done by Marlo, my wife who accepts my passion with its uninteresting things.   I want to thank her so much to have drawn my own personality with a good impression of freedom.
You will find on this website many projects of high and low speed windmill construction using automotive alternator or permanent magnet motor, accessories for garden or lawn tractor (electrical lifting system with 3 points hitch, weights, trailer), home made car toy , wood processor that cut and split the firewood automaticaly, waxing table for cross country skiing, pontoon with its particular trailer, window shutters, vintage house restoration, architectural handrail, sefl ligthing vane, personnal overhead crane, handling system for firewood to be used with a farm tractor, vintage tractor restoration, bumpers for vintage tractor and finally, a PTO driven trailer (forwarder) with a winch for forest activities.
I hope the tour will be interesting for you and I wish you a pleasant visit. Keep in mind that it is possible to place a purchase order for the articles shown here. My goal is to provide you with innovative solutions that work.

Thank you.

Mon petit coin de travail
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